Number of customers: 5769
Number of emails backed up: 32834801
Overall service fee paid by customers: $24768.9776
Profit of company: $15063.86524
Overall Affiliate payments made: $10905.11236 ( click to collapse )

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Full Fledged Features

You can schedule backup of all your past gmail INBOX email messages, download them to your PC in zip format.

No technical knowledge required, quick, safe, simple, easy way. Industry standard security.

Nothing to download. Nothing to install. Fully web based. Fully automated system.

Believe it or not - No where on internet you can get a better solution for gmail backup than this one. Even Google is not having this kind of backup service. is the only CHEAPEST provider of online backup, archiving, and download service for Gmail.comTM users.

No need to keep your PC ON even for one second, after scheduling the backup, unlike other traditional old desktop based software's where you have to keep the pc on for many days/hours just to backup even thousand email messages.

Flexible Customizable Backup

1. You can schedule backup and download all the email messages since the date of the first email in your inbox.
For example you can schedule backup of emails from the very first date you opened a account. The system will show you the date when you opened the account and thus you can schedule backup from the very first email message present in your inbox.

2. You can schedule backup and download emails of any single date of any month/year.

3. You can schedule backup and download emails of any custom range - date/month/year.
For example you can schedule backup of emails from 20th Jan 2008 to 6th May 2010. Any range which you desire.

4. You can schedule backup and download emails only and/or attachments only and/or both.
For example you can schedule backup and then download only the attachments - say only the attached images present in your entire gmail inbox.

Backup custom emails

5. You can schedule backup of custom emails by searching your entire gmail inbox based on FROM name and/or FROM email address and/or Subject of email message. No need to worry - Even big email messages present in your inbox will get backed up easily. Not even a single email message will get missed while backing up / downloading. Even Gmail Chats will get backed up.

6. You can even search within any custom date/month/year range.

7. As you do the search, the system will show you in real time the exact number of custom email messages present in your inbox .

Multiple Backups

8.   You can add multiple gmail accounts. You have to fill in information only once and on one screen: your email address and password. Industry standard security. Keep your worry apart.

9.   You can switch between gmail accounts just by 1 click.

10. You can see the date of the first email message in each of your gmail account.

11. You can see LIVE count of number of email messages present in each of your gmail inbox.

12. You can then schedule backup in any way of any gmail accounts simultaneously. Thus You can schedule multiple backups all at once.

13. For your easy reference you can see the list of all backups you schedule.

i.e. you can see the list/history of all backups you schedule, the date when you schedule, the gmail account which you backed up, the type of backup, the date range, the invoice  history and the status of backup processing/processed etc.

14. You will receive an email immediately when your backup starts after paying invoice.

15. You will receive an email immediately when your scheduled backup is processed. You can at that moment come and download the zip file to your PC.



16. Innovative Reasonable pricing. Just Pay for what you backup. No setup fee. No monthly fee. No yearly fee. No support fee. Nothing. This is the CHEAPEST backup service present online. No where on internet you can find any company which will allow you to backup at these REASONABLE rates.

Just $0.1 for backup of all emails of any month no matter how many emails!.
For example if you want to backup and download your complete gmail inbox of past 1 year then you have to pay just $0.1*12months = $1.20
No matter whether you have one thousand or one million email messages in your account.


Just $0.1 for backup of any 1000 custom email messages of your gmail inbox.

For example if you want to backup and download only the email messages in your gmail inbox which have the subject say "Notification of payment received" then you have to pay just $0.1 per 1000 such emails.

17. Dynamic Live billing

For every backup you schedule an invoice is generated instantly.

As per your selection of backup, the invoices are generated and displayed live on your screen dynamically. No need for page refresh etc.
You can pay the invoices just by one click by paying via your thegmailbackup account balance.

Payment options

18. You can deposit funds into your thegmailbackup account either by Paypal, Alertpay, Moneybookers, Credit Cards, Check/DD or any other method you prefer.
You can deposit any amount even just $0.1 as per your invoice.

19. All past deposits/ the date when deposited/amount deposited/payment method etc displayed for your easy reference.

20. Your thegmailbackup balance is shown live in INVOICES chamber.

21. You can see the list of all past invoices. Paid and unpaid invoices are displayed separately for your easy reference. The total of unpaid invoices and total of paid invoices displayed in real time.

22. As you pay the invoice the thegmailbackup balance changes dynamically without any need for page refresh. State of the art billing center. Everything runs on autopilot.



23. When the invoice is paid and when your scheduled backup is processed you can come in this compartment and download your entire gmail inbox on to your PC in zip format.

24. You will see a beautiful tree view or folder view of your entire one or many accounts on 1 single page. You will be amazed beyond imagination.

25. Neatly arranged / Its Easy to spot any date/month/year. You can zip and download all email messages of any particular date/month/year.

26. As you click your account it will unfold into a marvelous tree view like above. You can shrink/unshrink any date-month-year.

27. Once you unfold any date all the email messages of that date are revealed. You can even see the subject of each of those email messages.

28. You can even click and see any particular email message of any date in a new window. is just marvelous.

29. When you click "zip and download" the zip file is created instantly and you can download it right at that moment.

30. Email messages of particular account are grouped correctly into directories, sub directories, Year wise/month wise/day wise. Even an internet novice will find it very easy to navigate in the downloaded folder.
If you want to print an email of say 1st May 2007 you simply have to navigate into the 2007 folder and then the May month folder and then the day 01 folder. Its charmingly simple.

31. (a) Downloaded email messages are stored as .html files and can thus be opened in any of your favourite browser. They can be easily edited as well if required.

(b) Hyperlinks / Attachments etc in the downloaded email messages do work as beautifully as they do work in your gmail account.

(c) Conversations are backed up separately in new folder for easy access. Conversations are downloaded in the same fashion as they are in your gmail inbox. You will find all the conversations in one single file. It was very hard for us to achieve this but we finally succeeded in putting this feature. Even if a conversation is having hundreds of email messages, it will get downloaded as one single html file. So even if you had a conversation in 2006 and then in 2010, the system will backup it as one single file. Thus you can quickly see any full conversation. What a beautiful feature! Isn't it ?

32. You can see the full header of each of the downloaded email message including From name/From email address/ Reply to email address/Date/Subject . is just wonderful.


State of the art Affiliate System

33. A state of the art affiliate system. Promote the service and get paid 40% of each and every service fee paid by customers brought via you.

34. Bulletproof affiliate URL provided. Not based on old cookie methods. Its advanced affiliate URL. No visitor can bypass your affiliate link and can signup via us or anyone else.

If anyone tries to remove your affiliate username and then tries to signup, he will be unable to do so. So be rest assured that when you advertise your affiliate link, every people who signs up via you will be your customers forever.

35. You can see live reporting of customers brought via you in the affiliate compartment. You can see advanced unmatched live reporting of service fee paid by customers brought via you.

36. You can see your sales/affiliate earnings in a state of the art graphical mode. In one glance you can see the sales and/or affiliate earnings made by you in any day/month/year just by one click.

37. You can withdraw your earnings by Paypal/Alertpay/Moneybookers/Check/DD or any method you prefer. No minimum withdrawal amount.

38. Advertising

Fantastic INVITER system present. You can simply log into the advertising compartment and via the superb inviter system you can simply send promotional email of your affiliate link of thegmailbackup to all of your contacts present in any email account you hold.
You should get sales instantly that's our motto.

You can use any of the several advertising messages/banners as you wish. These advertising messages/banners are already embedded with your affiliate link.   



39. You can see Real Time LIVE list of Number of TheGmailBackup customers. HERE

40. You can see Real Time LIVE list of number of emails backed up by customers. HERE

41. You can see REAL TIME LIVE Reporting of service fee paid by all customers. HERE

42. You can see REAL TIME LIVE Reporting of affiliate earnings/payments etc. HERE

43. You can see Real Time LIVE list of past 1000 customers. HERE


Start future backups on autopilot. (Incremental Backup)

44. You can schedule the future backup of your one or many accounts to occur on autopilot just by one click. The backup will occur automatically at the last date of each month on autopilot without any intervention by you. You can come later any time and then zip and download all the email messages of any month. Pricing just $0.1/month no matter how many emails are present in your gmail inbox. 


Why you should backup the and download all the email messages on to your desktop ?

1. Relying on free email services even - Gmail can be an unnecessary risk.

2. Corporate and Business people who use gmail were looking for this kind of service since long time and its finally here.

3 You can download all important gmail messages/communications on to your desktop and keep a local copy. Even you can do batch printing of all important emails just by one click. What a fantastic tool for corporate people - They can now simply schedule backup of required email messages and once downloaded to PC, they can click Batch Print and in minutes all their confidential messages/sales receipts etc comes on paper in just one click.  No matter hundreds or thousands of messages, they just have to click once to do Batch Print.

4 You can download only the important sale/purchase receipts or you can download only the emails of a particular label for record purpose or for printing or for any other reason.

5 There is no guarantee that your account cannot get suspended. Google may suspend your gmail account anytime without notice if you violate any of their terms. Thousands of people have already faced this so far.

6 Extract Email Addresses - You can download all the email messages from your gmail on to your desktop and by using an email extractor software you can extract only the email addresses which you can use for marketing purpose etc. (This is a GEM for Internet Marketers)

7 Its very easy for hacker to hack your account and wipe out all your email messages and contacts. Imagine the situation. Search the Google and you will find that hundreds/thousands of corporate people have suffered by this. That's why you must download all your gmail messages on to your desktop and keep a local copy.

8. You can overcome the fear of being unable to access and/or losing  your important gmail emails?

9. Are you aware that if you do not log into your account for more than 4 months, then your account is permanently deleted without any notice.



45. is designed to run on autopilot. Everything is simple and user friendly.
You will hardly ever need any help.

However in case you need support, you can simply send us the question from within your account.

Support is absolutely free and is available 24/7 all days of a year.

You can send email to any time for any questions.


Secure and safe

46. High encryption 128 bit SSL secure.

47. After downloading the zip file of your gmail inbox, you can delete that file from



Features which are coming up

Gmail Apps users can also use this backup service shortly.

You can place your testimonials/comments after using the service.

You can type in and request any new features/updates. It will be done absolutely free.


Enjoy The All New never seen before secure, safe service of 2011 AD for backing up the account on to your PC in zip format just by one click and that too on autopilot - completely hands free way..

Oh we forgot - Reasonable pricing as well. Yes its the Cheapest, Highest Quality, Autopilot service for Gmail Inbox Backup in the entire internet.